Occupational Therapy

Accidents and disease can quickly rob you or a loved one of the ability to complete daily tasks –buttoning a shirt, preparing a meal, driving, to name just a few. Specialized therapy at Mary Greeley Medical Center Rehab & Wellness can offer hope and help for patients.

Your Partner for Occupational Therapy

The goal of occupational therapy is to return independence to you or your loved one – to make those daily activities such as dressing, eating, bathing, and grooming possible again. A big part of that is helping patients resume the things that gave them pleasure, such as hobbies, or build strength for a return to work. In addition, therapy for the hands can help relieve pain and minimize symptoms for conditions such as arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome.

The people who need occupational therapy often have a diverse set of conditions—chronic conditions, physical or cognitive impairments, sensory deficits, learning disabilities, stroke, head injuries.

Occupational Therapy Staff and Treatments at Mary Greeley Medical Center

Evaluation and individualized treatment as well as advanced techniques and state-of-the-art equipment are key for the trained therapists at Mary Greeley Medical Center. In addition to pain relief, their focus is increasing strength, mobility, and coordination. Therapy options include:

Hand Therapy

Mary Greeley Rehab & Wellness has a full time occupational therapist who is a certified hand therapist (CHT). CHTs are up-to-date on current procedures and treatment techniques specific to the hand and wrist. A CHT can help patients who have suffered an injury to or have had surgery on a hand or wrist tendon or joint.

Our Locations

Occupational therapists work with inpatients in the hospital, usually in our Acute Rehabilitation Center. Once patients return home, many continue therapy on an outpatient basis.

Outpatient occupational therapy is offered at two locations:

Ames Location

Mary Greeley Medical Center, Medical Arts Building
1015 Duff Avenue

515-239- 6770

Story City Location

Story City Community Health Center
812 Elm Avenue


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Ames: 515-239-6770
Mary Greeley Medical Center
Medical Arts Building
1015 Duff Ave.

Story City: 515-733-5129
Story City Community Health Center
812 Elm Ave.

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