Preparing for Baby

Head of the Class

Get prepared for the arrival of your baby with Birthways classes designed to get everyone in your family ready. Class offerings include:

These classes can be hugely helpful, so if you find one that fits with your schedule, register online today!

More Prep Help

Pre-register for your hospital stay and take a virtual tour of Birthways. Refer to our maps and directions to familiarize yourself with Birthways location.

Birthways Virtual Tour

Additional features to help you have a happy stay:

  • Room service available from 7am-10pm
  • Snacks and beverages available 24/7
  • On-floor refrigerator for goodies you or your visitors might bring
  • Whirlpool tubs
  • A family waiting room to accommodate all the relatives awaiting the news
  • Flat screen TV equipped with cable and built-in DVD player
  • Wireless access to keep everyone up to date

Questions about the rooms or services in Birthways? Give us a call at 515-239-2444 or 800-951-9222. Email inquiries can be sent to

Resources for Mom

You’re expecting and wondering what to do next and when. We have great resources for you. Use this handy checklist, organized by trimester, to help you along the way.

Get support throughout your pregnancy and your baby’s first year with free text messages on topics like prenatal care, baby health, parenting and more! Each message is relevant to where you are in your pregnancy or what your baby is going through at particular stages of development.

The transformation from a tiny fertilized egg to a fully formed baby is nothing short of a miracle. You may be wondering how exactly your baby develops, so we’ve created a list of major milestones that your baby will reach, along with the approximate time they will happen.

Count the Kicks

Around 28 weeks, it’s recommended that you pick a time each day to count 10 kicks. Count all the twists, jabs, pokes and flicks. If it takes more than two hours for your baby to kick you 10 times, don’t be alarmed, but do let your doctor know.


Pre-registration is necessary to ensure that we have all of your pertinent insurance and contact information.

Pre-Register for a Birthways Baby Delivery

Birthways Guide

Birthways Guide

Download our printable Birthways Guide book for lots of resources to help prepare you for your pregnancy, delivery day and beyond.

Download the Birthways Guide