Labor & Delivery

Labor Pains

It can be hard to tell the difference between false labor pains, called Braxton Hicks contractions, and true labor. Braxton Hicks will usually go away during exercise or activity, and are felt more during rest. True labor pains typically continue or increase with activity.

What to Bring

Be sure you have everything you need for a great stay at Birthways. Many items are provided for you. You will want to bring things from home too. Use this handy Birthways packing list to help you decide what you should bring.

We know babies at the Birthways unit in Mary Greeley Medical Center

"Such a wonderful place with amazing nurses
and midwives and so many caring people!
I always felt well taken care of and my every
need was met!
Thanks MGMC Birthways for helping us
welcome our new baby girl!"
- Katie, Birthways mom

Delivery Time

When it’s time for your baby’s delivery, you’ll go directly to Birthways. Enjoy cozy birth suites and the attentiveness of our 24-hour staff. If your baby decides to be born after 9 p.m., you’ll need to come in the Emergency Room doors instead of the hospital’s main entrance. Refer to the hospital map if needed.

When your baby is born, Mozart’s Sonata 11 in A Major is played for the whole hospital to hear.


Start bonding with your newborn immediately. Stable newborns are placed skin-to-skin with mom after birth. Whether you breastfeed or not, all newborns benefit from skin-to-skin contact. Benefits include increased maternal/newborn bonding, less likelihood for newborns to cry long-term, and faster stabilization of baby’s heart rate, respirations, blood pressure and temperature.


Be assured knowing that Birthways has a level II neonatal intensive and intermediate care (NICU) unit with the latest technology for care of critically ill infants.

The Birthways NICU has specially trained staff, including three pediatric hospitalists, who specialize in taking care of newborns and children in the hospital.

Spread the Good News

Announce the arrival of your newborn to family and friends. Birthways makes it easy for you.

Enjoy free wireless access so you can announce the arrival of your baby via email and social media.

Families and friends can send flowers, gifts and greetings. Use our online Gift Shop, which offers a nice variety of items.

Share photos of your baby through our online nursery provided by Bella Baby Photography. (We take your privacy seriously. As a parent you will have the option of signing a consent form so that your baby’s picture can be posted on the medical center's website. We do not, however, release the photograph for any other purpose, or any other request).

Visitors & Naptime

Enjoy an atmosphere that supports and promotes patient recovery. Adequate rest is necessary for a rapid recovery. Visitors also play in the healing process. Mary Greeley ensures the right of a patient to receive visitors consistent with patient preferences, including, but not limited to, a spouse, a domestic partner (including a same-sex domestic partner), another family member, or a friend. The patient has the right to withdraw or deny his or her consent to receive specific visitors.

Your visitation rights are subject to Mary Greeley Medical Center’s justified clinical restrictions. Such restrictions may be imposed when it is considered necessary to provide safe care to you or other patients. A justified clinical restriction may include, but need not be limited to one or more of the following circumstances:

  • There may be infection control issues.
  • Visitation may interfere with the care of other patients.
  • The hospital is aware that there is an existing court order restricting contact.
  • Visitors engage in disruptive, threatening, or violent behavior of any kind.
  • The patient need privacy.
  • The patient is undergoing a clinical intervention or procedure and the treating health care professional believes it is in the patient‘s best interest to limit visitation during the clinical intervention or procedure.

All visitors should check in at the Birthways front desk. This ensures the privacy and security of our patients. We provide a mid-afternoon quiet time from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m., during which napping is encouraged. Please consider this when planning a visit.

Safe and sound

Your safety and comfort is a priority. Birthways’s comprehensive security system offers additional protection for our newborns, including:

  • Matching identification bands for baby, mom, and one person of mom’s choosing
  • Electronic transmitters that lock exit doors
  • Surveillance cameras that monitor each exit off the floor at all times

To help ensure your safety and the safety of your infant during your stay:

  • Only allow staff members to take your baby from your room after you’ve checked their identification.
  • Never leave your baby alone or unsupervised in your room.
  • Place your baby’s crib out of direct view of the door.
  • Always verify your ID bracelet with your baby’s if you have been separated.

Call your nurse if you are unsure about anyone who comes into your room or asks about your baby.


Plan to breastfeed? Rely on our lactation consultants to help you along the way. Find answers to your breastfeeding questions on breastfeeding web page. Your choice about how to feed your baby will be supported and respected. If you unsure, you might try breastfeeding, which provides many benefits for mom and baby. 


Inform Birthways staff if you plan to have a newborn son circumcised. Circumcision is not typically medically necessary. It is usually elective, meaning it is your choice whether to have it performed.


Pre-registration is necessary to ensure that we have all of your pertinent insurance and contact information.

Pre-Register for a Birthways Baby Delivery

Gift Shop

Gift Shop

Order a gift for mom and baby from our Gift Shop! Items include fresh flowers, balloons, and an assortment of adorable baby items.

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