Pharmacy Services

For many people, a prescription for medicine is an occasional occurrence. For other people, medications are a daily fact of life, a way to treat a disease or manage a condition. Whatever your situation, the Mary Greeley Medical Center Pharmacy can help.

Trusted Pharmacy Experts

The Pharmacy staff at Mary Greeley Medical Center works to ensure that patients receive the best drug with the best profile for their needs. The department has 14 pharmacists, and is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Some Pharmacists are assigned to specific floors, enhancing patient service and safety. Pharmacists review all medication orders to ensure accuracy. Hospital staff have immediate access to medications stored in automated dispensing cabinets located throughout the medical center. The Pharmacy also serves our dialysis centers.

Recognized for Medication Administration Safety

The Mary Greeley Medical Center Pharmacy is licensed by the Iowa Board of Pharmacy. In addition to licensed pharmacists, the Pharmacy at Mary Greeley Medical Center has implemented additional safety systems, including:

  • Clinical monitoring. Pharmacists review patient profiles, check for drug/drug and drug/food interactions, double-check dosages and request blood levels throughout a patient's stay to make sure dosages are appropriate.
  • Cross-training. At Mary Greeley Medical Center, all of our pharmacists are cross-trained in dispensing as well as clinical monitoring.
  • Medical verification. Patients receive a personal bar code, which appears on their hospital wristbands. The pharmacy adds a bar code to the label of all medications. Before administering medications, nurses use a scanner to match the medication label and the wristband, ensuring that patients receive only those medications prescribed for them.

Mary Greeley Medical Center is proud to receive a Patient Safety Award from the Iowa Healthcare Collaborative (IHC). IHC recognized Mary Greeley Medical Center for excellence in patient care for how we safely administer medications. 

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