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Caring For Kids

In a series of personal essays, Mary Greeley staff and a parent explain why people, places and things all need careful consideration when pediatric patients are involved. 

Every time they pulled into the medical center parking lot, two-year-old Henry Johnsen asked his mom, ‘Just listening today?’ Henry’s cancer had triggered a constant threat of devastating infection. Frequent blood draws were necessary, but never easy. And they were always anxiety provoking.

Henry’s story – as told by his mom, Julie – is one of six articles in this issue of Health Connect that provide helpful insights into how kids should be cared for while in the hospital. Several of these articles have been written by the people who provide that care at Mary Greeley Medical Center.

After all, as Mary Greeley paramedic Adam Dunlap points out, children are not just “little adults.” They have their own physical, emotional and psychological needs. They cannot always understand the purpose of or need for a procedure. That alone can spike their fear.

Calming the little ones – and their parents – goes a long way toward creating positive medical experiences whenever possible. Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, or caregiver, we hope the wisdom shared here will be useful.

Dr. Laura Hufford, pediatric hospitalist, shows Charlie how to use the iPad in the Pediatrics treatment room.

Creating a Comforting Environment

Hint: It involves toys, family & honest.
By Dr. Laura Hufford, McFarland Clinic Pediatric Hospitalist

Creating an environment for kids

Adam Dunlap, Mary Greeley paramedic, gives Charlie an entertaining tour of a Mary Greeley ambulance.

Paramedics, Kids and Ducks

In an emergency, looking calm is key.
By Adam Dunlap, Mary Greeley Medical Center Paramedic

Staying calm in an emergency

Lauren Bumpus, RN, shows Charlie how a stethoscope works. They are in an Emergency Department room designed for pediatric patients.

A Trip to the Emergency Room

By Lauren Bumpus, Emergency Department RN

Caring for Kids in an Emergency

Charlie learns about tools used by Dr. Gregory Utesch, anesthesiologist.

Kids in the Operating Room

When scented lip gloss is an anesthesiologist’s best tool.
By Dr. Gregory Utesch, McFarland Clinic Anesthesiologist

Helping kids prepare for surgery

Henry Johnsen and Jason Bell, a CT and MRI coordinator with Mary Greeley’s Radiology department, sit on a CT scanner. Bell treated the five-year-old, who was diagnosed with cancer when he was a 1-year-old.

Henry & Jason

A mom’s touching story of her child’s cancer, and the treatment he received at Mary Greeley. 

Getting kids through a scan

Pamela Davidson, phlebotomist, shows Charlie how blood is drawn from patients.

Blood from the Tiniest Veins

By Pamela Davidson, Phlebotomist

Giving special care for young patients