Diagnosing Your Pain

Turn to our orthopedic specialists if you have trouble bending, lifting, standing or even just sitting still. They will help you find out what’s wrong and how to make it right.

Advanced imaging technology

Find advanced diagnostic and pathologic equipment and techniques to diagnosis your orthopedic problems from head to toe at Radiology and Imaging at Mary Greeley Medical Center.

Get treated with advanced tools to detect and diagnose your orthopedic-related conditions, including:

Computed Tomography (CT): Computed tomography, also known as CT or CAT, directs multiple narrow beams of X-rays (radiation) around a specific body site that creates a multidimensional view of a patient’s body.

Diagnostic X-ray: This general diagnostic X-ray uses radiation to produce pictures of the body’s bones. Learn more about X-rays

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI): Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a radiation-free, usually noninvasive way to produce high-quality pictures inside the body from multiple planes. MRI picks up the body’s radiofrequency signals and converts them into three-dimensional images. Learn more about MRIs

Ultrasound: Ultrasound is a medical imaging technique that uses sound waves and their echoes. An advantage of ultrasound is that it visualizes internal structures without using radiation, and it can guide procedures such as biopsies. Learn more about ultrasounds

Pain Medicine Clinic

Have your pain treated and managed with the latest medications and techniques by the highly trained and compassionate team at the Pain Medicine Clinic at Mary Greeley Medical Center. You will get the help you need to:

  • Minimize or eliminate pain
  • Significantly increase physical activity
  • Eliminate unsafe medication usage
  • Cultivate a lifestyle that promotes wellness

Learn more about the Pain Medicine Clinic, call 515-239-5080 or 888-646-2148.

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