Infusion Therapy

When you need treatment delivered intravenously (through a vein), visit Mary Greeley Medical Center’s Outpatient Infusion Center for expert care in a relaxing setting.


Your doctor may order infusion therapy for:

  • Antibiotics (medicine that fights bacterial infections)
  • Blood, plasma, or platelet transfusions to restore healthy balance in your bloodstream
  • Chemotherapy and other cancer medicines
  • Hydration (fluids to treat dehydration)


You and your loved ones will feel as comfortable as possible during treatments because the Outpatient Infusion Center include:

  • Comfortable reclining chairs for each patient
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Spacious family waiting area
  • TV screen for each infusion chair
  • Near the rooftop garden
  • Ability to order food off the cafeteria menu

See Inside

Step inside the Outpatient Infusion Center and hear from one of our patients in this short video.

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