The Mom Post

The Mom Post is a healthy lifestyle program for moms post-GDM. It is an online program, so you will be able to complete the modules at your own pace at whatever time fits best into your schedule.

How Mom Post Works

You’ll log in each week to the Practice Better site. You'll watch a 10-20 minute video about a specific topic and learn about potential challenges. Each week, you'll set a personal goal, turn in your activity minutes, and log your weight. A private Facebook group will help connect you with others enrolled in the program.

Program Goals

Everyone will work toward increasing activity and achieving a modest amount of weight loss. The program also focuses on stress management, sleeping well, meal planning, and healthy coping.

The Mom Post on Facebook

Through The Mom Post private Facebook group, you will be able to connect with other moms in the program. You’ll be able to ask for support when working through challenges, offer advice when another mom needs it, and celebrate successes with people who are working toward the same goals you are. There will also be live coaching sessions with your lifestyle coach in the private Facebook group.

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Contact Liz Burkland, RD, LD, CDE for questions or concerns you may have.