Dr. Jason Rasmussen

Jason Rasmussen listens to the heart of one of his patients.

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A native of Waverly, Iowa, Dr. Jason Rasmussen joined McFarland Clinic in September. He received his medical degree from the University of Iowa and completed an internal medicine residency and cardiology fellowship at the University of Minnesota.

As a general cardiologist, he provides adult echocardiograms including stress cardiograms and transesophageal echocardiograms (TEE); myocardial perfusion imaging and nuclear stress testing; peripheral vascular testing; holter monitoring; event monitoring; electrocardiograms (ECG); right heart catheterization; and outpatient consultations.

He sees patients in Ames, Marshalltown and Iowa Falls.

Describe your approach to cardiology patient care.

After providing a diagnosis and information regarding treatment, I want to help the patient achieve goals that are important to him or her. Every patient is different, they have different priorities in their lives. I want to get to know what’s important to them in order to create a treatment strategy that is tailored to their specific goals and needs.

What drew you to cardiology?

In general medicine training at the University of Minnesota we rotated through all the specialties. There is a rich history of treating cardiovascular disease there and I really was drawn to the specialty during that time. I was fortunate to have great mentors in cardiology there who helped me learn about the range of treatment capabilities and constant innovation in the specialty. The treatments are always changing and becoming less invasive.

What brought you to McFarland Clinic and Mary Greeley’s cardiology program?

The people here are a big reason. I was immediately impressed with Dr. Christenson (see profile) and everyone I’ve met here has been very welcoming, which makes it a great environment to provide care in.

Geography definitely plays a role too. I’m from Waverly and my wife (a speech therapist with Mary Greeley) is from West Des Moines. But I’d heard of the clinic and I went to medical school with quite a few people from Ames. The more I learned about McFarland and Mary Greeley, the more appealing the job became. I like the relationship between the clinic and the hospital – the way they work together. The autonomy I have as a physician regarding the opportunity to build the cardiology practice here was also attractive.

What’s it like to be a new doctor joining an established practice?

It’s been great. Dr. Christenson and all the nurses, technicians and other staff have been extremely helpful and have made it an easy transition for me. Starting at the same time as Dr. Shapiro has also been nice because we can help each other with the process. Our returning patients have had a few different providers over the past year so I think having a stable face is really good news for them. I’m picking up where the other providers left off in some cases. I’m learning what they were thinking, their strategies for treatment, and bringing some of my own thinking into the mix. I’m excited to be joining a clinic that has such a great reputation for being a place that patients trust and a place that provides great services to patients.

You’ve been introducing yourself to providers throughout central Iowa. How’s that been going?

We’ve gone all over the place. Since I’m not originally from this area, I was not familiar with many of the physicians in the surrounding area. I enjoyed meeting people, and visiting McFarland Clinic locations and other clinics in these towns. These doctors see a lot of patients and provide a critical need for primary care in small and rural communities. It was nice for me to meet these providers who are referring patients to us, to become more familiar with them and to learn about the communities they work and see patients in.

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