Chemotherapy, Biotherapy & Infusion

Knowing you can receive quality care close to home can help ease the stress and complexity that comes with a serious illness. Mary Greeley Medical Center provides many vital health care services to people throughout central Iowa. Among those services is our Infusion Center, which provides chemotherapy, biotherapy, and infusion treatments.

Advanced Cancer Care

Chemotherapy uses strong medications to kill cancer cells or stop them from multiplying. Similarly, biotherapy uses hormones, vaccines and bacteria to fight cancer.

Infusion delivers fluids or medications directly into a vein. Another term for the process is intravenous (IV) therapy or drip. The Infusion Center at Mary Greeley Medical Center is in a modern, welcoming and comfortable setting that offers compassionate care for a variety of health conditions.

The Infusion Center is conveniently located on the inpatient oncology unit on the fifth floor of the West Patient Tower. It offers positive, uplifting, personalized care in a comfortable atmosphere. The Infusion Center provides treatment in a four-chair suite, with plenty of space for family members.

The Infusion Center is staffed by focused oncology nurses and a full-time, on-site oncology pharmacist. Your medications and treatments are constantly evaluated for interactions. We also provide the information you need to take medications safely at home.

Infusion Center Video

Outpatient Infusion Center

Step inside Mary Greeley's Outpatient Infusion Center and hear from one of our patients in this short video.

Treatments for Cancer & Other Health Conditions at the Infusion Center

The Infusion Center at Mary Greeley Medical Center offers infusion treatments for patients with various needs, including:

  • Chemotherapy
  • Hydration therapy
  • Blood product administration
  • Intravenous antibiotics
  • Injections
  • Central venous line catheter care

Additional Features of the Infusion Center

The Mary Greeley Medical Center Infusion Center treatment rooms include:

  • Comfortable reclining chairs for infusion
  • Individual television screens for each infusion chair
  • Internet access with complimentary Wi-Fi
  • A spacious family waiting room
  • Nearby Rooftop Garden

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For more information about medical oncology services at Mary Greeley Medical Center, call the William R. Bliss Cancer Center at 866-972-5477 (866 WR-Bliss).

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