Behavioral Health: Adult Services

If you, an adult friend, or an adult relative have mental health challenges, you know that getting care and support is critical. Two programs at Mary Greeley Medical Center can help.


Sometimes, adults with mental illness need more secure, constant, round-the-clock care. The self-contained Mary Greeley Medical Center Adult Inpatient Behavioral Health Unit offers help for adults 18 and older who:

  • require 24-hour nursing care in a secure, therapeutic environment
  • are engaged in behavior that is destructive or potentially destructive to themselves or others
  • have symptoms that are severe enough that they cannot be addressed at a lower level of care

Transitional Living Program

The Transitional Living Program (TLP) offers assistance for adults 18 years and older who:

  • are not an acute threat to themselves or others
  • have symptoms that prevent them from living independently
  • take medications that require support and monitoring
  • need practice with social skill building, self-care, leisure time education, or prevocational training

The focus at the TLP is short-term stays with support in a home-like atmosphere. On average, clients stay two to four weeks in the six-bed facility, with one psychiatric assistant on the premises 24 hours daily, seven days a week.

Our Experienced Staff

Trained experts and collaboration are key to care in both the Adult Inpatient Unit and the Transitional Living Program.

The Adult Inpatient Services team includes professionals who offer crisis intervention, stabilization, evaluation and referral or transition to lower levels of care. Patients are admitted by a staff psychiatrist and coordinated by a clinical supervisor, or on weekends, through the Emergency Department of the hospital.

Referrals may come from family members, physicians, mental health professionals, school personnel, community agencies and other mental health facilities.

The Transitional Living Program team includes:

  • a psychiatrist
  • a clinical supervisor
  • psychiatric assistants

Human services agencies and other healthcare providers also assist following hospitalization, during transitions to other programs, and as clients return to the community.

More Information

If you or someone you loves suffers from a mental illness, emotional or behavioral problem, you can count on our experience and capabilities. For more information about the program, call our clinical supervisor at 515-239-2682.

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