Published on April 19, 2016

Bliss Cancer Center Encourages Area High School Students Not to Tan

Recently, five area schools (Ames, Roland-Story, Gilbert, Nevada and Boone) were provided an opportunity to participate in the Plan Not To Tan project. This project was a collaborative effort between the Bliss Cancer Center and McFarland Clinic Dermatology, and was supported in part through grant funding from The Iowa Cancer Consortium.

The focus was to educate high school students regarding the dangers of tanning, both indoor and outdoor, to support the risk reduction/prevention of skin cancer.

The five schools competed by students electing a “pledge” not to tan. The school with the highest participation (based on percentage of enrolled students) received a $500 award. Two individual Instagram winners also received $150 Amazon gift cards for stating why they would not tan.

In total, 950 of the students across all schools, took the pledge not to tan with the largest percentage of those students being at Gilbert High School, where a check was recently presented. 

Plans are in place to continue with this education year after year to continue to encourage students to avoid the dangers of tanning. 

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