Mary Greeley Medical Center's West Patient TowerMary Greeley Medical Center is dedicated to implementing environmental, economic and social sustainability into all of its business practices and into the community.

Principles of sustainability shine in our building management, order and shipping processes, waste and water usage, and customer and community relations.

Energy Conservation

We practice energy conservation by using the most efficient lighting, purchasing Energy Star certified appliances, and using motion and activity sensors that allow for automatic shut offs.

By using automatic and low flow sinks, toilets, and showers, waterless cleaning methods, and planting native grasses and plants, our water usage has been significantly reduced.


We also manage our waste with involvement in medical and pharmaceutical reuse programs, taking the appropriate recycling measures, and offering reusable silverwares. Reusing toner cartridges, linens, scrubs, towels and aprons, remanufacturing and reusing surgical equipment, paperless ordering, and recycling retired tech equipment allows us to reduce or footprint in purchasing and ordering and give to the community.

Environmental Protection

At Mary Greeley we are mindful of the effects of all our cleaning supplies and outdoor maintenance practices, always choosing the most environmentally safe and protective option. We also focus on taking exceptional care of our patients and community by offering CyRide reimbursements, patient and family surveys, and volunteering at a multitude of community events and projects.

LEED Certification

Lastly, we have been recognized with a LEED Silver Certification, noting our dedication to sustainability and conservation. Quality care and environmental, economic and social sustainability are key components to the mission of Mary Greeley Medical Center.