Published on April 12, 2013

Mary Greeley Medical Center Celebrates Donate Life Month

Mary Greeley Medical Center celebrates April as the 10th annual National Donate Life Month. The celebration commemorates those who have received or continue to wait for lifesaving transplants.

Donate Life

To register to be a donor, please visit

There are now 110 million registered donors in the United States. Still, the number of people in need of transplants continues to rise.  The solution to this problem is to continue educating the public about the lifesaving effects of donation and transplantation and get them to make their decision known by signing up through the state donor registry.

On Friday, April 19, Hospital Chaplain Henrietta Klarenbeek will conduct a brief service at 2:00 p.m. in the Interfaith Chapel on the second floor of the medical center next to the ICCU.  We will have memorial stones available in the cafeteria and chapel Wednesday-Friday which you can take with you or leave in the chapel under the stained glass to remember your loved ones at the memorial service.

Gift of Life

This video features Mary Greeley Medical Center employees singing "Gift of Life," written by Shelby Larson who works in the Cardiac Cath Lab.


Personal Connection

Jeanne Rogert, who works in Mary Greeley's Mail & Copy Center, shared her personal story with organ donation:

"Ever wonder how a burn victim heals? Or what happens when someone’s kidney fails or a child loses an eye in accident?  Like many of us, I didn’t give those things much thought until about six years ago.

My nephew was 18 and in his third week of his freshman year in college.  The guys were playing football.  The football got stuck in a tree and Bradley went to retrieve it.  The branch broke, Bradley fell and you can figure out the rest of the story.  My sister and her family donated all of Bradley’s organs.  I have found Donate Life as a way for me to honor the kid I loved.  Bradley’s initials and year of death are on my license plates.  I serve on the Donate Life committee here at MGMC.  I was part of the bowling team that “crushed” Administration in Wii bowling!! Our team “Cooler Than You” won for best team name. The NEAT team was able to raise over $800 and donated it to a family who has incurred tremendous medical bills after a transplant.  Would you believe that a staff person here at MGMC received the check!"

Mary Greeley Medical Center continues to have a 100% compliance referral rate. The following employees and departments have helped honor patients wishes to donate in 2012.

Margaret Pirkl

Toni Lehman

Amy McDonough

4 from the ED

2 from 2 South

1 from ICU

1 from 3 South

1 from Cath Lab

1 from Oncology

Staff who made those calls:

Addie Hinson

Steve Gelder

Janelle Browning

Jeanette Morris

Shannon Parrish

Alicia Stahr

George Osai

Jodi Evers