Mileage Club

Mileage Club has school kids on the run–and loving it!

Mileage Club

In 2014, Story County
elementary students logged over 62,000 miles
in Mary Greeley's Mileage Club!

Mary Greeley Mileage Club is an eight week walking/running program for central Iowa elementary school children which is coordinated and sponsored by Mary Greeley Medical Center’s Diabetes and Nutrition Education Center.

Mileage Club was launched in the spring of 2006 with a Harkin Community Wellness Grant. The grant only lasted two years, but the program was so well-liked that Mary Greeley Medical Center opted to take it over. The program has now found a home in Mary Greeley’s Diabetes and Nutrition Education Center, which is a perfect place for it given the center’s focus on issues related to childhood nutrition and obesity.

Mileage ClubHealthy Competition

In 2014, elementary students from 15 Story County schools took part in Mileage Club and together they logged nearly 63,000 miles. All students within those schools are invited to participate. Those that choose to are given the opportunity to log miles three days a week during recess. For every five miles a participant logs, they are given prize.

Mileage Club also has a nutrition component. Students are encouraged to eat 56 servings of fruits and 56 servings of vegetables over the course of the program and are given a prize when they have reached that number.

Keeping It Running

Mileage Club

"As a pediatrician, it does my heart good
to see so many kids being physically
active," says McFarland Clinic Pediatrician
Dr. Jill Alexander.
"As a mom, I'm thrilled at how much
they all seem to enjoy doing this.
The enthusiasm is incredible.”

It takes a team of volunteers to make Mileage Club work. A group of volunteers are stationed around the track at each school and another group marks off laps for each child on their Mileage Club cards. Volunteers are also posted in the lunchroom to mark the servings of fruits and vegetables each student has with their meal.

The program has steadily increased its participants since its inception and has become something that area elementary students and their parents look forward to. New schools participating in 2014 are United Community and Ames Christian! Mileage Club has also expanded beyond schools and the Story County Community Life Program participates as well.

For questions concerning Mileage Club, including how to get involved, please contact Mileage Club Coordinator Lynn Maves at 515-956-2884.

2014 Results

In 2014, almost 4,000 students participated in Mileage Club -- logging 62,862 miles total! Below are the schools that participated and the number of miles each of them logged. Great job, kids!!

Edwards 2,625 Ballard West 6,860
Fellows 5,505 Ballard East 1,110
Sawyer 9,184 St. Cecilia 3,470
Meeker 935 Gilbert Elementary 4,985
Kate Mitchell 4,145 Gilbert Intermediate 6,095
Colo-NESCO 1,990 United Community 7,330
Roland-Story 3,165 Ames Christian 153
Central Nevada 5,310

Mileage Club Sponsor

Renewable Energy Group3M

Mileage Club is supported by Renewable Energy Group, 3M and HyVee through gifts to the Mary Greeley Medical Center Foundation.