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Health is a constant. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad, but it’s always there. Here we look at all of it—the good, the bad, and even the ugly—because this thing called health is as complex as they come. Let us help you make it simpler.


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  • Happy Thanksgiving! 11/26/2015

    Tessa was born by C-section on Thanksgiving Day in 2012 at Mary Greeley. I remember going into the operating room and apologizing to the staff for making them work on a holiday!

  • Gender Reveal! 11/23/2015

    The day we found out we were pregnant, Ryan predicted we would have another girl. When we found out we were having twins he said in disbelief, “Wow, we’re going to have four daughters.”

  • Firing Up the Furnace 11/20/2015

    Winter storms aren't the only thing to worry about when the temperature plummets. Learn more about how to safely heat your home this winter.

  • Oh, Tessa! 11/19/2015

    This weekend our current youngest daughter turns three.

  • Family History of Twins 11/16/2015

    The most common question people ask me is, “Do twins run in your family?” Yes, they run in mine.

  • Two Babies?! 11/12/2015

    Now that I had shared the news with Ryan, we had two surprises to share with our family.

  • Telling Ryan 11/9/2015

    I beat Ryan home from work early that afternoon. I could feel my heart about to jump out of my chest. I was on our back deck when I could see him pull into our neighborhood.

  • Your Flu Shot Questions Answered 11/6/2015

    Every year 300,000 Iowans get the flu. Learn more about the flu shot and the myths surrounding it.

  • The Ultrasound 11/5/2015

    On October 14th, I had my first OB appointment with Dr. Lines at Doran Clinic. For some reason, I went in nervous.

  • Lightning Crashes 11/2/2015

    On Thursday, September 17th, we learned that Ryan’s Grandma, Darlene, was diagnosed with a blood clot in her lung. Sadly, it would not be treatable.

Page of 3, showing pages 1-10 of 24

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