Pediatric Rehabilitation

Our Pediatric Rehabilitation Services team uses a collaborative approach to help children overcome physical or developmental disabilities, whether they are the result of injury, illness or a condition present from birth (congenital condition).

Our multidisciplinary staff includes specialists licensed in physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech-language therapy. Depending on a child's needs, therapists work together to enhance development in mobility, communication and daily function skills.

Types of therapy


Physical therapy involves everything from teaching infants how to crawl, to helping a child recover from a sports injury. Our physical therapists enhance gross motor skills through a number of techniques, including play activities, gym exercises, specialized equipment and aquatic therapy. If applicable, they will provide instruction on the use of crutches, wheelchairs and other assistive devices.


Therapists work on improving muscle strength, coordination, movement and sensory integration to assist children in normal daily functions, such as play, exploration, eating, bathing, dressing and other skills.


Specialists evaluate and treat children who experience delays or breakdowns in the communication process. Treatment may focus on speech and articulation, oral-motor chewing and swallowing, voice disorders, developmental expressive and receptive language skills, and assistive communication devices.

Therapists in Pediatric Rehabilitation are specifically trained to identify and understand the developmental needs of children. They are adept at working with children, and in educating parents to promote carry-over of the therapy at home. In addition, our therapists can help families coordinate with other resources community, including equipment suppliers, support groups and complementary care providers.

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