Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic physical therapy can be an effective tool for individuals who do not tolerate land-based exercises, such as those with acute or chronic pain from injury or arthritis. It is also beneficial for women experiencing low-back pain, pelvic pain, swelling and other difficulties during and after pregnancy. 

The benefits of aquatic physical therapy include: 

  • Relief from back pain and pelvic pressure
  • Increased energy
  • Decreased risk for injury
  • Enhanced cardiovascular fitness level through safe, low-impact exercises
  • Increased flexibility and strength
  • Shorter, easier labor
  • Faster recovery time after delivery

Aquatic Therapy Works!

Aquatic Therapy

"The pool does wonders for me,
it really does." - Kathryn Price

After breaking one of her leg bones, Kathryn Price was experiencing a lot of pain and stiffness. Then she tried Mary Greeley's therapy pool.

“Last year, I was so sore and stiff I used a wheelchair. But after doing pool therapy, that is all a distant memory. The pool does wonders for me, it really does!”

If you’re like Kathryn and are having trouble staying as active as you want, you should consider aquatic physical therapy.  Aquatics provides you with the unique opportunity to exercise to your fullest potential without the effects of gravity. The warm water’s natural buoyancy offers relief to joints and allows you to participate in therapeutic exercise for improved strength, range of motion, posture or balance.

Our Location

We offer this unique treatment in the warm water therapy pool located on the lower level of the Medical Arts Building at Mary Greeley Medical Center. The warm water offers buoyancy and support to overloaded joints, allowing patients to remain physically active. Licensed therapists help with range of motion, strengthening, stretching, posture and body mechanics.

Rehab and Wellness

Rehab and WellnessRehab and Wellness services at Mary Greeley Medical Center works with patients to get them back to work and leisure activities after injury or surgery.

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