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Your Heart is in the Right Place.

At Mary Greeley Heart, we are committed to providing our patients with the specialized care they expect and the personal touch they deserve.

Treating heart problems requires a range of expertise and services that you will find at Mary Greeley Medical Center. Our heart services team is led by board-certified cardiologists skilled in advance treatments for heart attacks. A continuum of care that includes interventional cardiology, diagnostic services, cardiac rehabilitation, and more, is provided by our highly trained and compassionate staff.

heart cardiac image

This is an image showing blood flow restored
to a heart attack patient's heart following
a procedure in Mary Greeley Medical Center's
 Cardiac Catheterization Lab.

Because every second counts when there is a problem with your heart, we bring a sense of urgency to our treatment. We are consistently in line with the 90-minute national average for door-to-balloon time, which refers to the period of time from when a patient enters the hospital to when they visit the Cardiac Catheterization Lab (Cath Lab) to receive life-saving heart vessel balloon angioplasty.

Patient Stories

Julie SchweryHow an emergency treatment for heart attack victims at Mary Greeley Medical Center saved Julie's life.
Read Julie's story.
Watch Julie's video.

Heart Services Brochure

Heart Services Brochure


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