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Nutrition Education

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The Mary Greeley Medical Center Diabetes and Nutrition Education Center offers a range of services to help people maintain a healthy lifestyle.  

Individuals may be referred by their primary care physician, or may request an appointment for evaluation themselves. For more information, contact the Diabetes and Nutrition Education Center at 515-956-2880.


The center's dietitians provide nutrition and wellness treatment and counseling in a range of areas, including:

Who We Help

We help people who:

  • Eat on the run and survive on hit-or-miss meals.
  • Battle creeping weight gain.
  • Routinely go on and off diets or lose and regain weight.
  • Are discontented with their current eating patterns.
  • Have high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure or other conditions.
  • Struggle with eating disorders, including anorexia, bulimia and binge eating.


Our staff includes registered nurses and registered dietitians who are certified diabetes educators, registered by the American Dietetic Association and licensed by the state of Iowa. Primary care physicians, specialists, diabetes nurse educators or social workers are consulted as needed.

Our dietitians will gather a nutrition history and make an assessment of your individual nutritional needs and concerns. You will be guided as you set your own goals for change in food choices and physical activity.

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