Diabetes and Nutrition Education Services

Diabetes and Nutrition Education Center

The Mary Greeley Medical Center Diabetes and Nutrition Education Center is a resource for people with diabetes and their families, providing a comprehensive diabetes management program for children and adults with newly diagnosed or known diabetes conditions.

The center is certified by the American Diabetes Association and licensed by the state of Iowa, serving children and adults with Type I, Type II or gestational diabetes. Request an appointment, or contact the center at 515-956-2880.

Services and Staff

Educational Sessions

The diabetes team will help the individual achieve optimal blood sugar control and independence in daily self-care in the following areas:

  • Individual nutrition assessment and management
  • Medical nutrition and carbohydrate counting
  • Blood glucose monitoring and meeting American Diabetes Association blood glucose goals
  • Blood sugars self-maintenance
  • Insulin administration and adjustment, and understanding of insulin action
  • Insulin pump therapy instruction
  • Diabetes resource awareness, including new research and technology

With a physician's referral, Medicare and most private insurance plans cover 10 hours of education for the first year, and two hours of follow-up per year after the first year. All recommendations and reports are sent to the patient's physician.

Additional Services

Additional services include:


The Diabetes and Nutrition Education Center is under the medical direction of a board-certified endocrinologist and staffed by registered nurses and registered dietitians who are certified diabetes educators. Our diabetes specialists provide the education and support needed to self-manage the disease and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


A Day with Diabetes

Watch our video as Mary Greeley Medical Center staff experience life as diabetics for 24 hours.

Learn About Diabetes

Learn about the type of diabetes you have, whether you just found out you have the disease or have been living with it for some time. These resources will teach you about eating well and about controlling your blood sugar levels. You will learn how to manage diabetes and prevent further health problems. You will find helpful tips on how to take care of your feet, and you will learn how to manage other health problems related to diabetes.

Get the information you need from our online Diabetes Learning Center, including related topics such as:

Patient Stories

Small Steps in a Good Direction

Type 2 diabetes is a disease connected to high amounts of sugar in our blood. Read more about two Mary Greeley Medical Center patients taking steps to combat the disease, and seeing wonderful results.

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Healthy Recipes

Healthy RecipesFind healthy recipes from our chefs that are delicious, nutritious and simple to make!

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