Additional Community Health Services

Additional Community Health Services offered by Mary Greeley Medical Center include:

  • Continuum of care. Our staff does a preliminary evaluation to determine a client's health care needs, and then makes referrals so a client can receive care. Re-evaluations are scheduled to ensure the client receives the needed level of care.
  • Well-baby checks. A health professional visits with each new mom in the Mary Greeley Medical Center Birthways unit to ensure all her questions are answered and that she has the necessary support for her return to home. At this time, an appointment is made for a free well-baby follow-up visit. At the visit, a registered nurse will check mother and baby for weight, jaundice, lactation and post-partum recovery. The nurse will also assist parents with questions or direct them to any needed community resources.
  • Lead poisoning screening and education. We provide screening for lead poisoning, which includes blood tests, home visits to find the source and family education. For information about protecting your child from lead exposure, see
  • Flu shots and TB testing.

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