Transitional Living Program

The Mary Greeley Medical Center Transitional Living Program (TLP) serves adults age 18 or older with mental illness or combined mental illness and chemical dependency.

Our Patients

The TLP program is designed for clients who are not an acute threat to themselves or others. They might be individuals who:

  • Have symptoms that prevent them from living independently.
  • Take medications that require support and monitoring.
  • Need practice with social skill building, self-care, leisure time education or prevocational training.

The program's home-like, six-bed facility is located at 1002 Douglas St. in Ames. The average length of stay is two to four weeks. At least one staff member is on the premises 24 hours daily, seven days a week to provide support and serve as a link, if needed, to Mary Greeley Medical Center.

Our Staff

The transitional living team includes a psychiatrist, clinical supervisor and psychiatric assistants. The team collaborates with human services agencies and other healthcare providers to assist clients following hospitalization, during transitions to other programs, and as they return to the community.

The Transitional Living Program of is generally funded by the county and, in some cases, by Medicaid. For more information about the program, call our clinical supervisor at 515-239-2682.

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