Room Amenities

New Patient Room

A patient room in the new patient tower at
Mary Greeley Medical Center.

Staff, along with patients, visitors and families will find the new patient rooms at Mary Greeley Medical Center to be spacious. There are distinct areas in each room for the staff, patients and their families. For example, in each room there is a separate area designated for a comfortable sleeper sofa for family members who wish to stay overnight.

Phone Service

You are encouraged to purchase a pre-paid phone card prior to your stay if you expect to make long distance calls. Local phone service is provided free of charge.

Cellular Phones

Cellular phones are allowed within the medical center, although they cannot be used within five feet of medical equipment in use.

TDD Phone

We offer a TDD phone near the public telephones in the west hallway on the first floor if you are hearing impaired. Usage information is available at our main information desk.

Cable Television

Check out our cable TV channel listings, which include patient education programming as well as a relaxation channel, combining peaceful scenes of nature with beautiful music designed to enhance your healing environment.


Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the medical center as "mgmcpublic."

Room Service

When it comes to eating, a stay at Mary Greeley Medical Center is like a stay in a fine hotel. Patients eat what they want just about any time they want it.

The medical center was among the first in Iowa to offer a room service program. Some of the features of this customer-focused service include:

  • A patient can order anything on the menu from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. The chefs and cooks in our modern kitchen prepare the meal, which is delivered fresh and hot to the patient's room within minutes.
  • Meals are prepared depending on the patient's physician-ordered diet. The only dietary restrictions are those ordered by a physician for the patient.
  • Visiting family and friends may share meals with a patient by ordering from Room Service for a nominal fee.

Our talented cooks' primary concern is the quality of patient room service. We also provide healthy and imaginative meals for visitors and staff in our cafeteria, and for Meals on Wheels.

Patient Guide to Services

Patient Services GuidePatient Guide to Services


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