The Greeley Society

The Greeley Society recognizes contributors who arrange for a deferred gift of any amount to benefit a Mary Greeley Medical Center department, program or facility.

Members of the Greeley Society receive:

  • A certificate of appreciation
  • Information from the Foundation on legal and tax changes that affect estate planning
  • Recognition on the donor wall at Mary Greeley Medical Center
  • Invitations to events for Greeley Society members

Gifts to the Greeley Society represent the deepest of commitments to Mary Greeley Medical Center. The Greeley Society is one small way of recognizing gifts from donors while they are still alive and allows us to communicate with members while demonstrating how private support enhances Mary Greeley Medical Center.

Created in 2001, the Greeley Society was named by the Mary Greeley Medical Center Foundation Board of Directors to identify with the medical center and the original gift by Captain Wallace Greeley. The Greeley Society pays tribute to Greeley's message to the citizens of Ames in 1916. "It affords me great pleasure, more than words can express, that I can contribute something towards the welfare of not only those now in need, but also for those who will be here long after we have passed away."

Greeley Society Members

Anonymous (6)
Janice and Kenneth Augustine
Pat and Louis Banitt, M.D.
Sarah and J. Ben Buck
Beverly J. and R. Jewell Crabtree
Gillian Draper
Garnet A. Dunn
David L. Fagle
Jon Fleming, M.D.
Gregor A. Junk
Sharon and Daniel Krieger
Donna and Dale Messenger
Ruth and Larry Neppl
Karen and Robert Ravenscroft
Kimberly A. Russel
Janice and Robert Samuelson
Julia and Wallace Sanders
Joanie and Ted Tedesco
Mary T. Watkins
Sandy and Ralph Woodward

Why We Give

"We wanted to make sure our support made an impact for generations to come and a gift through our estate made that possible. Joining the Greeley Society allows us to share our commitment to the community and show our proud support of the medical center." - Dan and Sharon Krieger

How You Can Help

Make a Gift

Thank you for supporting Mary Greeley Medical Center.

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