Attention High School Athletes

Baseline Concussion Tests Offered at Mary Greeley Medical Center

Mary Greeley Medical Center’s Rehab and Wellness is offering baseline concussion tests to help with the medical management of sports related brain injuries in high school athletes.

Baseline testing is recommended to assist in determining whether or not an athlete should return to play. An on-field diagnosis will continue to rely on the presentation of the injured athlete, as the signs and symptoms are easily identifiable by a trained individual.

Use of the tests for comparison to the baseline results can significantly impact the return to play decision. The retest after injury can be compared to the baseline testing and used in conjunction with the Iowa High School Athletic Association’s (IHSAA) recommendations for activity progression.

The tests offered at Mary Greeley include Basic Baseline and Advanced Baseline.
Basic Baseline Test (Cost: $10, Time: 15 minutes)

  1. Scat3 (symptom questionnaire, cognitive tests, physical signs, and brief balance and coordination screen)
  2. King Devick (visual and cognitive screen tool)

Advanced Baseline Test (Cost: $40, includes basic test, Time:30-45 minutes)

  1. Sensory organization, balance, and reaction time testing. The test will use one of Mary Greeley’s computerized balance platform systems, which measures motor control to maintain balance. This advanced test enhances decision making on return to activity progression and return to play determination.

To schedule or for more information, contact Mary Greeley Rehab and Wellness at 515-239-6770, or Story City Rehab and Wellness at 515-733-5129.

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