Intensive Care

Intensive Care

A critically ill patient requires specialized, round-the-clock observation and care. At Mary Greeley Medical Center, that level of care is provided by our Intensive and Coronary Care Unit (ICCU).

Julie Schwery

Patient Stories

How an emergency treatment for heart attack victims at Mary Greeley Medical Center saved Julie's life.

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About ICCU Patients

There’s no one type of patient that needs the specialized care at the Intensive and Coronary Care Unit of Mary Greeley Medical Center. ICCU staff care for heart patients, neurosurgery patients, trauma patients, medical/surgical patients, and pediatric patients over the age of one year. People who may have a hemorrhage disorder or acute respiratory distress, as well as those who are unstable after a surgery, may also receive care in the ICCU.

Patients stay in ICCU an average of two days before being transferred to a unit that specializes in telemetry, medical care or post-surgery care.

Extensive, Specialized Training

The level of nursing care is intense, and so is the required training. The registered nurses in ICCU are certified in advanced cardiac life support and advanced electrocardiography. Staff also receives training in the use of the intra-aortic balloon pump, mechanical ventilators, hypothermia therapy after a cardiac arrest, and more.

The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Mary Greeley Medical Center

Very young patients have different critical care requirements than adult patients. That’s why Mary Greeley Medical Center created the Level II Neonatal Intensive and Intermediate Care Unit in our Birthways Maternity unit. There, specially trained staff, including two pediatric hospitalists, oversee the care of critically ill newborns and children. 

Family Support at the ICCU

Very often, critically ill patients need isolation in order to speed recovery and protect them from infections. For that reason, there are several limitations on visitors, including:

  • Limited hours
  • No flowers
  • Age guidelines: Immediate family members age 14 and older may visit at any time with length and frequency at the discretion of nursing or medical staff. Those under age 14 may visit with the permission of the patient’s doctor.
  • No more than two visitors in the patient’s room at once
  • No visitor sleeping in patient rooms
  • Visitors to psychiatric patients may be restricted at the discretion of the physician and/or nurse


The ICCU is located on the second floor of the medical center’s south tower. To reach the ICCU, please call 515-239-2011 and ask to be transferred.

A family waiting room is located near the ICCU. To reach the ICCU Family Waiting Room, dial ext. 3680 from within the hospital.

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