Get in the Dragon Boat

William R. Bliss Cancer Center breast cancer survivors and supporters participate in annual summer event


William R Bliss Cancer Center Dragon Boat Racing

The William R. Bliss Cancer Center's pink dragon
boat racing team, called "Life Is Bliss" trains at
Ada Hayden in Ames.

Each summer, the William R. Bliss Cancer Center supports a pink dragon boat racing team, called Life is Bliss. They participate in the Badger Lake Dragon Boat Bash in Fort Dodge.

The Pink Dragon Boat Racing movement began in Canada in 1996 with a team under the guidance of a sports medicine physician who found that paddling not only provides a thorough cardio routine, but is also a great exercise for breast cancer patients. Additional studies have shown that paddling builds upper body strength, is beneficial to the recovery process and helps to prevent lymphedema, a common side effect of breast cancer treatment.

Pink Dragon Boat Racing has since become a prominent sport among breast cancer survivors worldwide. The goal is to give hope and encouragement by sharing stories of physical, mental and spiritual strength and the benefits of dragon boating.

"Life is Bliss" dragon boat
racing team practice. 

A total of 24 women representing breast cancer survivors, Mary Greeley Medical Center and McFarland Clinic staff train on Ada Hayden in Ames and Badger Lake in Fort Dodge to compete at the summer festival.

Visit the Badger Lake Dragon Boat Bash website to learn more about the event.

To learn more about the "Life Is Bliss" dragon boat team, or to join, please visit their website or contact the Cancer Resource Center at Mary Greeley Medical Center at 515-956-6440.