Behavioral Health: Youth Services

Growing into an adult is fraught with choices, roadblocks, and decisions. When you know a young person that has behavioral health issues, that path is even more difficult. Fortunately, Behavioral Health Youth Services at Mary Greeley Medical Center can help you, or a beloved young person in your life.

Youth Behavioral Health Unit at Mary Greeley

The self-contained, seven-bed Youth Behavioral Health unit is separated from the adult unit. We offer 24-hour nursing care in a secure, therapeutic environment.  The Youth Behavioral Health Unit serves young people:

  • between the age of six and 18
  • engaged in behavior that is destructive or potentially destructive to themselves or others
  • have symptoms that are severe enough that they cannot be addressed at a lower level of care.

Services at the Youth Behavioral Health Unit

The issues for youth in need of behavioral care are different than those of adults. Professionals at the Youth Behavioral Health Unit at Mary Greeley Medical Center have special training, with the goal of stopping destructive or disruptive behaviors. The team offers:

  • crisis intervention
  • stabilization
  • evaluation
  • referral or transition to lower levels of care
  • weekday academic tutoring

A staff psychiatrist may admit a patient to the Youth Behavioral Health Unit. Inpatient admissions are coordinated by the clinical supervisor or the Emergency Department on weekends. Referrals come from family members, physicians, mental health professionals, school personnel, community.

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If you or someone you loves suffers from a mental illness, emotional or behavioral problem, you can count on our experience and capabilities. For more information about the program, call our clinical supervisor at 515-239-2682.

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