Board of Trustees

Mary Greeley Medical Center Board of Trustees

Mary Greeley Medical Center Board of Trustees
Sarah Buck (Chair), Louis Banitt, M.D.,
Ken McCuskey (Secretary/Treasurer), Brad Heemstra
and Mary Kitchell

As a city owned hospital, Mary Greeley Medical Center is governed by a board of five elected medical center trustees.

Sarah Buck, Chair
e-mail: Sarah Buck
Term Expires: 2015

Ken McCuskey, Secretary/Treasurer
e-mail: Ken McCuskey
Term Expires: 2015

Brad Heemstra
e-mail: Brad Heemstra
Term Expires: 2015

Louis Banitt, M.D.
e-mail: Louis Banitt, M.D.
Term Expires: 2017

Mary Kitchell
e-mail: Mary Kitchell
Term Expires: 2017

Administrative Team

The day to day operations of the medical center are carried out under the leadership of our administrative team.

Brian Dieter

Neal Loes
Vice President/Chief Nursing Officer

Lynn Whisler
Vice President/Clinical Support Services

Karen Kiel Rosser
Vice President/Quality Improvement Officer

Gary Botine
Vice President/Chief Financial Officer

Medical Staff Leadership

The administrative oversight of our providers is carried out by our medical staff leadership group.

Tom Johnson, M.D.
Chief of Staff

James Partridge, M.D.
Chief of Staff Elect

Ann Gessner, D.O.

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